1)    China's “Top Ten Responsible Enterprises in the Pesticide Industry”.

2)    In 2017, ranked 25 among China's pesticide industry enterprises;

3)    National High-tech Enterprise;

4)    In 2016, ranked among China's Top 50 Pesticide Export Enterprises;

5)    Shanghai Patent Pilot Enterprise;

6)    2016 Plant Protection Product Contribution Award;

7)    Member of Pesticide Industry Technology Innovation Alliance;

8)    “Top 100 growth enterprises” in China's chemical industry;

9)    National “Star Enterprise” in the private chemical industry;

10)In 2011,  recognized as Provincial Engineering Technology Research Center;

11)In 2015, recognized as “Enterprise Technology Center” by Jiangsu Province;

12)Rated as "China's Top 500 Chemical Enterprise."

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