R&D of innovative agrochemicals is one part of CAC’s strategy for over ten years. Composed of industrial leading professionals, PhDs and masters, a complete R&D platform for the design, synthesis, biological assay, process and formulation development of new compounds has been established in CAC. Following the strategic direction of the company, CAC new compounds R&D team focuses on insecticides and fungicides base on both domestic and oversea markets demands. On the other hand, CAC cooperates with professional teams in pesticide industry from Universities and research institutes in China. The cooperation enables CAC to integrate resources and reaches leading position of novel pesticide development. FBT (fluoro-substituted benzothiadiazole derivatives), a novel ‘plant induced-resistance activator’, is a successful case developed by CAC and now it has been temporarily registered in 2015 with a new mode of action. In CAC pipeline, there are further projects, one fungicide and one insecticide which have passed the screening process. In the future, CAC will continuously increase the investment in the development of novel pesticides, and strive to develop our own product with independent intellectual property rights and international competitiveness.

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