Excellent production process is the premise of high quality products. Consist of experienced experts and professionals from well-known domestic research institutes, our process development team has abundant experience in both lab scale experiments and industrial scale application.

CAC keeps on strengthening our core technologies including ammoxidation, hydrogenation, chlorination and fluoridation etc. and select new projects base on the core technologies. By conducting R&D and production with core technology, CAC is able to further expand our product portfolio and keep our global competitiveness. CAC is also experienced in unit reactions such as coupling, condensation, Grignard, metal catalyzed oxidation and carboxylation reactions which played important role in the manufacturing of our products.

R&D capability is the assurance of CAC’s sustainable development strategy. The strategy helps CAC to keep following the innovative concept of development, using the most advanced equipment, keep in mind the importance of HSE, cost management, industrialization and waste minimizing & treatment. Besides internal resources, CAC also achieved cooperation with Tsinghua University, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Hunan University of Science and Technology, to further strengthen our capability in R&D.

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