GreenTech laboratory, a subsidiary of CAC, is a professional analytical institution for agrochemicals and has become a member of national pesticide standardization technical committee. Green Tech have advanced equipment such as 400M NMR system, LC/MS, GC/MS, FT-IR、GC、UPLC、HPLC、DSC in the lab, and has obtained quality system certifications of GLP (Ministry of Agriculture), CNAS and CMA. Our services includes professional analysis services for agrochemicals and product dossier generation required for pesticide registration (e.g. quality control, storage stability testing, physical-chemical property, 5-batch analysis etc.). A well-trained and experienced technical team with over 50% of the member holds Master’s degree or above is the assurance of the quality of our work. Green Tech is also preparing the authentication as OECD-GLP in order to provide stronger support for the worldwide registration of agrochemical products of CAC and other clients.

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