CAC owns two R&D centers in Shanghai and Changsha, which are consisted of 72 professionals with high academic qualifications and rich experience in theory and practice. 51.5% of the team holds Masters or PhDs degree. A technical committee is in position to direct the company's innovation plan, project appraisal & acceptance, and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. The R&D team can be divided into agrochemical team, specialty chemical team and engineering & designing team.

Agrochemical team

Located in Shanghai, Changsha and Nantong, with 43 team members. 26 of the team members have Master’s degree or above. The team is responsible for the development of synthesis process of all generic, new off-patent, innovative A.I.s and formulated products.

R&D of innovative agrochemicals is CAC’s strategy for over ten years. Following the business strategy of CAC, the team has clear direction of development on fungicides and insecticides and screens over 1000 new structures per year. Now, there are already two compounds which have passed the screening stage and stepped into the pipeline.

The R&D center in Changsha (Changsha Jiaqiao Biological Technology Co., Ltd.) is mainly responsible for process development of new off-patent products. The center owns standardized organic synthesis laboratory and analytical laboratory with a total occupation of nearly 3,000m2, and is capable of accomplishing the development of lab scale process of 2-3 products every year.

The R&D center in Nantong focuses on the optimization service for manufacturing process of existing products of CAC. The target is to continuously improve the process, reduce the cost and waste generation.

 The formulation development team in Shanghai, adheres to the concept of environmental friendly, provides technical support for the new products, new formulation and new processes development to CAC.

The agrochemical team is also experienced in taking national development projects from ‘12th Five-year Plan’ and ‘13th Five-year Plan’. Long-term cooperation with Shenyang Research Institute of Chemical Industry, Central China Normal University, Shenyang University of Chemical Technology, China Agricultural University, Nanjing Agricultural University, Hunan Chemical Industry Research Institute, Hunan University of Science and Technology and other well-known research institutes are also maintained in the field of innovative agrochemical development, formulation screening, new off-patent products development and the treatment of wastes.

Specialty chemical team

The specialty chemical team is divided into two parts in Shanghai and Nantong with all members well experienced. Focusing on CAC’s leading ammoxidation, chlorination and hydrogenation technology, the team has developed clean and continuous processes on large tonnage fine chemicals and intermediates as well as corresponding waste treatment and recycling technologies. Led by professional experts, the fluoridation team is established in 2017. A world class, automated fluoridation lab is also built with global advanced equipment for the team focusing on the development of refrigerant products. An enthalpy lab is also in place to support the studies on formulation development and pre-commercialization of products. The team is closely cooperating with Tsinghua University, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Research Institute of Petrochemical Technology and other professional teams for the development and keeps efforts on transformation of scientific and technological achievements.

Engineering and Project management team

Cooperating with professional institutes of technology, engineering and designing, CAC engineering team in the R&D center lead the designing part of projects. CAC consider the quality of designing as the key of the success of the project and our team always devotes their best to assure the leading position of new project in all fields of technology.

New projects are keys for the development of company. Based on project experience from decades of operation, CAC has combined internal and external intelligence to create a most reliable team and most efficient system for project construction and project management, which guarantees the success of the project.

Holding the concept of “innovation is an assurance of brighter future”, the R&D center insists on the technical innovation and improvement, concentrates on developing technologies with own intellectual property, to provide competitive products and create value for our partners.

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