We are fully aware that, the growth of talents is the top priority to promote the development of enterprises, and enterprises can only grow to the height of their employees’ level. The goal of our career plan is to motivate the ingenuity and initiative of our employees, develop their potential to the best, in order to increase the turnover, help them achieving consistent and mutual development along with the company.


We select our employees and business partners through fair completions of conformity strictly and cautiously, holding the principle of “integrity and talent both, integrity first”. We devote to seeking, introducing and training people who have strong learning ability, hard-working spirit, teamwork mentality and willing to progress, as well as good professionalism and expertise.


We keep on improving our welfare and reward and incentive mechanism, in order to ensure our employees enjoying the achievements of the company and realizing the shared responsibilities.

The company is implementing high returns on high performance. Each department and unit has a clear performance-oriented mechanism to enable talents to stand out, provide competitive opportunities for the diligent and contributors.

Opportunities for development

CAC devotes to building learning and innovative organization, provides a variety of training and learning opportunities for employees with specific plans and targets, including professional skills, general management skills, overseas communication and all level trans-disciplinary curriculums. The company has established a management-expertise “dual-channel” for career development system, which ensures that employees have multiple channels for development in the company, serve the goal that is to make the best of our talents.

The company utilizes domestic and overseas offices as resources and platforms, by implementing “Sunshine project”, “New drive project” and other training projects to arrange relevant personnel to participate in cross-functional, cross-regional (including overseas) rotation, transfer or projects, letting employees who have potential and willing to obtain opportunities for professional upgrade or promotion.


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